This intent is that this page would direct you to the information you might need to obtain an amateur radio license.  In the past, excellent information has been found at a number of locations, all of which are now expired (no longer accessible on the internet).

Here is a link to one file maintained by one of our members (VE6MU), which has useful information for self-study, but may not be entirely up to date:

Guide to Self-Study

The materials referenced in this document will allow you to complete a self-study of the topic, which will prepare you to take the Amateur Radio License Exam.  The complete database of questions is available, along with a program that allows you to compile (and mark / check) your own practise exam (all described in the above document).

At present, the Calgary Chapter of MARA does not have an amateur radio license preparation course scheduled.  Other chapters may have one; check the contact names for the chapter closest to you (see Chapters).

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